Resume from 25 November 2019

Office worker in Gdańsk

I am looking for a job in Gdańsk, zł 3,800, full time
Kuzmenko Daniel
Kuzmenko Daniel 23 years old, Poltava, Ukraine, higher education
+48 517 78X XXX

Work experience

Sales manager
5 mo. Nov 2017 - Apr 2018
PSM profile, Poltava
5 mo. Nov 2017 - Apr 2018

Higher education

PNTU, Poltava
Computer science
4 years 8 mo. Sep 2014 - May 2019


Polish - advanced, English - advanced, Russian - fluent, Ukrainian - fluent
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Mirodilov M., 20 years old, Warszawa  |  Secondary education
any schedule
Work experience: 3.5 years, Property Manager, OOO"Virtual", Tashkent, Good communicational skills, always work in groups as a leader, can resolve disputes between peoples, excellent i computer engineering and computer software.
7 days ago
Worker  2,500
Katamadze E., 50 years old, Kraków  |  Higher education
full time
Work experience: 8 mo., Carpenter, Chemobudowo, Kraków. Education: Technical University, Industrial works, Tbilisi 1987 - 1993.
15 August 2019
Valikhujaev Ramzkhuja Rashidkhujaevich
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Valikhujaev R., 19 years old, Warszawa  |  Higher education
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Work experience: 2 mo., Any, Any, Warszawa. Education: Vistula University, Tourism and recreation,Hospitality management, Warszawa 2019 - сurrent time.
Valikhujaev Ramzkhuja Rashidkhujaevich
6 October 2019
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Numonjonov K., 19 years old, Warszawa  |  Incomplete higher education
any schedule
Work experience: 1.5 years, Call operator, Logistic, Tashkent. Education: Vistula University , Information technology , Warsaw 2019 - 2019.
7 October 2019
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Full name hidden, 35 years old, Szprotawa  |  Higher education
looking for job in Szprotawa, Bolesławiec, Legnica, Żagań, Żary, full time
Work experience: 2 years, PRACOWNIK OBRÓBKI SKÓRY, BADER POLSKA, Bolesławiec. Education: BIAŁORUSKI PAŃSTWOWY UNIVERSITET, MANAGEMENT, Minsk  2006 - 2012.
10 October 2019
Ummatkulov F., 26 years old, Warszawa  |  Higher education
looking for job in Warszawa, any schedule
Work experience: 3.5 years, Handyman, loader, cleaner, Seventh Dimension,Maria-Ra, Novosibirs City,Russian Federation. Education: Novosibirsk State Technical University(NSTU), Automation of technological processes and production., Novosibirs City 2014 - 2018.
14 October 2019
Abdullinova N., 26 years old, Warszawa  |  Higher education
looking for job in Warszawa, full time
Work experience: 1.5 years, EA to CEO, Jysan Bank JSC (Tsesnabank JSC), Astana. 2 mo., Lead Manager to Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tsesnabank JSC. , Astana. 11 mo., HR specialist, Scientific-Research Institute for Production and Drilling Technologies of KazMunayGas. , Astana. 1.5 years, PA to Deputy Chief Executive...
22 November 2019
Stefanyk Vasyl Mikhaylovich
Stefanyk V., 39 years old, Bydgoszcz  |  Vocational secondary
any schedule
Work experience: 3 mo., System Administrator / SMM / SEO, Tekora, Bydgoszcz. 2.5 years, System Administrator / DevOps PR-Manager, Marketingspecialist,SMM, SEO, Corporate networks andsecuri, Freelancer , Ivano-Frankivsk. 1 year, System Administrator / Web Developer, RomantikSpaHote, Yaremche. 1 year, System Administrator / Designer,...
Stefanyk Vasyl Mikhaylovich
10 December 2019
Durdyyev Atamyrat Atash
Durdyyev A., 31 years old, Warszawa  |  Higher education
looking for job in Warszawa, willing to relocate, any schedule
Work experience: 4.5 years, IT Specialist, “Ajayyp” Construction, Ashgabat. 2.5 years, Technical designer, Polimeks Construction, Ashgabat. 1 year, Engineer Logistic, Total Construction, Ashgabat. Education: International Turkmen Turkish University, Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Ashgabat 2007 - 2012, Very productivity worker.
Durdyyev Atamyrat Atash
4 days ago
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